Saturday, January 24, 2015


If you think creating a design and then placing it on a product is easy like I used to, you may 

change your mind after reading this post. Do you see what I see in the image above?

I don't like the placement of this design on these sweatpants. When I finished this design 

late the other night I uploaded it and placed it on some products. I kept them private so I 

could go back and look at them the next day. The next day PAOM had made some changes 

to their website and I couldn't find the products that I had already uploaded the design on. 

So I placed it on the products again and made them available for purchase. Today I found 

the products from the other night and as you can see the design is placed on each pair of 

sweatpants differently. I don't like the way it looks on either one of them. I don't like the 

one on the (left) because of the placement of those flowers in the crotch area. I know that 

every time I looked in the mirror and saw that flower there I would probably feel 

uncomfortable with it. I also found that I didn't like the placement of the one on 

the (right) because I think it has too much empty space there where the arrows are 

pointing. So, what to do? I can do two things to fix the problem.

1. I can go back to the original design and fill in the spaces.


2. I can upload the design again a little larger than I need it to be and make it smaller with 

their special design tools and arrange it to where I'm happy with the whole product.

I'm going to choose #2. because I don't want to change the original design. 

I like it the way it is and Big J just loved it. 

I'll have the latest version of  these sweatpants up and available for purchase soon.

If you like this Floral1 design we have it available on other products right now at

Hope this post helps you to realize that it's not always just about throwing a design on a 

product and putting it out in public for purchase. Sometimes there's a whole lot more to it 

than that.

Kathy aka Catbaluue

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