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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and banners. I will be compensated for your use of them. It's a courtesy I share with you to hopefully help you with your own endeavors to make money or purchase products conveniently online. 

The Detailed Male will be offering its first ever coupon code! 

They'll offer 15% off all products with the coupon code: 


Please note, the sale will only be running 

Wednesday- Friday, August 27-29.

The Detailed Male is a Distinguished Bespoke Accoutrements

Men's Fine Accessories company I just became affiliated 


I think Men's Fashion doesn't get enough recognition a lot of 


The difference between a well dressed male and a 

detailed male, is of course, the detail.

The Detailed Male takes pride in adding that little extra 

boost to an already fantastic look, be it a Button Pin, a 

Pocket Square, a Lapel Flower Pin, or all three.

It's not just about having a pocket square sticking out of your 

pocket anymore, it's about arranging it in a way that shows

off your own personal style.

The Detailed Male have stylist who will work with you and 

help you figure out the best look for you if you're not sure 

what it is.

If you're wondering why in the world you should care about 

anything more than wearing a suit, here's my best answer,

"Cuz every girl's crazy bout a sharp dressed man" ZZ Top 

Even if that girl's already your wife.

It's the smallest details that make the biggest difference. 

Do me a favor and share this post with your friends just in 

case they want to take advantage of this special offer.

Thank you,

Kathy aka Catbaluue