Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Keep It Simple

I told Big J, "If we didn't make any money by December 31st, 2015, I was going to close our business and quit anything that had to do with it. He said, "Okay." Well, a lot happened between that conversation and the end of the year. I joined Mari Smith's Business Building Facebook Focus Course and learned a lot about Facebook ads and how to create them with super fine targeting. I also received a Sales Funnel Marketing Assessment and Evaluation in a contest one of the members of the group that came with the course was advertising. 

In Anthony Merizzi's evaluation one of the main marketing mistakes he pointed out to me was that I had too many different things going on here on this blog and it was very confusing. "Don't try to sell everything in one place", he said. "You're not Walmart!" Anthony not only pointed out the problems with my funnel, he also gave me easy solutions to solve them. His suggestion was to focus on one thing. If you're going to do more than one thing, for example, retail and wholesale, you need to separate them to different platforms. Then you can find smart ways to tie them all together to your main platform.

This brings us to another mistake I made. I created this long drawn out url to try to explain everything we were about. The worse part about doing that, is that people are busy and they hate to have to type in long drawn out urls. Pick a shorter url and then explain what you do in your description. 

These are just two suggestions that Anthony gave me that I've already started working on. I created a new blog called, Fashion with Kathy. On that blog I'll be introducing, displaying, and offering the latest in trendy retail fashion accessories at really affordable prices. Many of the accessories I offer are the same accessories the big stores do, except I can offer them to you at really discounted prices because I don't have as much overhead as they do. I'll show you the best products with the best savings. Saving money and looking good while you do it is the best feeling ever. Find my first post filled with beautiful Valentine's Day accessories that are perfect for you or perfect to send as gifts here.