Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Let me tell you a little about my affiliate marketing strategy test.

I and most anybody else who wants to, can sign up as an affiliate or a merchant with  and start to promote or be promoted. 

Here's a few suggestions I have for you if you do.

As an affiliate I don't recommend that you join too many programs at once.

I suggest you join the merchant programs that are a close fit with your niche. 

I join programs that have to do with pattern designing, fashion, clothes, and even some merchants that help other businesses do various things. 

It wouldn't make sense for me to join a program that isn't related to what I do. 

That's the first thing I look for.

Then I go to the merchants sites that interest me and I check them out. 

I check out their social media activities as well as look around their site.

I want to know how they treat their followers aka customers and see all they have to offer.

After I've checked all that out, I'll find a product that I would like to purchase and I'll go all the way through the process of buying it, right up to the finish and checkout. 

I'll look at the shipping cost and the estimated time of arrival.

That's especially important as we get closer to Christmas. (Oh no she didn't just mention the C word, did she?) 

I want to see how smoothly each program runs. 

I don't want to throw something out there that I wouldn't use myself. 

Which brings me to why it's a good idea to have your business join as a merchant.

While your affiliates are promoting you, it's highly likely they'll make purchases from you themselves. 

That's a win win situation.

I have a good example of a merchant that didn't pass the test.

I won't mention their name, but I was accepted by a really cool and very popular business recently, where I and them were both looking forward to the affiliation.

I started my routine of checking them out and since they're popular I was excited to promote them and I knew it wouldn't be long before I made a purchase from them also.

Guess what happened? 

I went to their site to look at all the goodies they have to offer and to do my checkout routine and I couldn't get in. 

They have a pop-up (my worst nightmare). 

Not just any old pop-up. 

They have one that won't go away. 

You have to sign up with them before you can even look at what they have to sell.

I don't know how you feel about that but they lost me.

Promote you? Sure!, but you have to pass my affiliate marketing strategy test first. 

I hope these suggestions help you make the decisions needed for you to become an affiliate or a merchant.

Have a great day!

Kathy aka Catbaluue