Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I promised myself a long time ago I wouldn't sign up for any 

more webinars. Even though I like attending them, I know 

that they're going to try to sell me something before it's over. 

Well guess what?

I attended one last night even though I said I wouldn't.

Let me explain why.

It all started Sunday when I received my much anticipated 

Sunday morning e-mail from S Anthony Iannarino of 

The Sales Blog. With his encouragement I found myself 

signing up for Chris Brogan's Course Maker Webinar 

scheduled for 3/17/2015. 

I'm so glad I attended it because it was out of this world!

If I wasn't convinced that it was well worth it, Chris sent an e-

mail with a link to this post written by TJ McCue at Forbes, 

that states,"The market for online courses and

learning will reach $107 BILLION in 2015. 

He also stated that "This simple framework helps you move 

from idea to content, from tech to a lightweight marketing 

plan, with an easy methodology that you can repeat and 

make your own."

Chris decided that he was going to only use the webinar 

video for the people who attended it. For the actual 

course he's "made two new modules of video for the main 

body of the course, plus it will have screencasts from Rob 

Hatch showing the “behind the scenes” on building out a 

course campaign, project plans, process maps, checklists, 

and tons more coming soon."

Now until March 31st the course is 
$200.00. You can use my 

link to sign up: Online Course Maker - Course 

 (Disclosure: This is my affiliate link. I will make a commission for your use of it.)

 Chris will continually be adding content to the course as it 

goes along which is going to give the course lots more value 

and the price will increase too.

Chris gives out so much information it would be hard not to 

be able to perfectly set up your very own courses in no time. 

You can start helping your clients and customers solve any 

problems they may have, while also showing off your own

expertise in whatever field you have knowledge in. 

If you think, heck, I don't know anything enough to teach it 

to others, think again. 

You know a lot more than you might think you do.

I urge you to sign up now while the cost is so low at 

($200.00) and begin to wow your customers 

and clients with what you learned, right a way!

Get a head start before this takes off and everybody's doing 

it. Even if you already know how to set up courses, I can 

assure you, you'll find new and fascinating ways to do it with 

Chris Brogan's Online Course Maker - Course. (affiliate link)

Thanks Anthony, Chris, and Rob!

Kathy aka Catbaluue