Wednesday, October 7, 2015



Big J and I have changed. We're still in the design business but now we're introducing 

lifestyle designing. Lifestyle design in the sense that I'm using it means to design a more 

comfortable and convenient lifestyle for your home or business or both.

We've been buying light bulk products for years and have come to enjoy it very much.When 

run out of something and I start to think, "oh shoot!, I've got to go to the store again", I

remember that I bought in mass or light bulk and all I have to do is go to my storage room 

and get a replacement. Yes! I love when that happens and I'm sure you will too.

Just a heads up for those of us who still enjoy going to the store, buying in light bulk doesn't 

mean you never have to go again (because let's face it, we love to go to the

store for things we want, right?). It means we don't have to go every time we run out of the

essentials. And to add to the excitement of all this,  they're delivered right to your door.

Can you think of anything better than that?!

How does all this apply to shops and boutiques, though?

As a small shop or boutique owner you've got to fill the empty spaces with little odds and 

ends to give your customer a variety of products to choose from and to also add to their 

shopping experience. Purchasing in light bulk is the way to go in this situation. It won't 

break the bank and it'll free up some time for you to make your customers happy.

Time is something we all seem to not have enough of these days. Just think of all the time 

and stress buying light bulk will save you. You can see the many different products we have 

to offer you when you tap on the tabs at the top of this post. (COMING SOON)

Be sure and read our returns and refunds page and our liability release. If you have any 

questions contact me here, on social media, or at I 

can also add products or help you search for something you've been wanting to stock up on 

for a while but can't find. Here's three things we'll always try to adhere to:

*We use real certified wholesale shippers.

**We'll try to only add a slight mark-up so we can stay in business and keep 

bringing fantastic deals for your comfort and convenience. 

***We'll always try to have free shipping whenever possible.

Kathy aka Catbaluue