Saturday, October 18, 2014


I don't know about you but the words FREE SHIPPING 

get my attention every time.

You might be thinking I'm a small business owner, I can't do 


Of course you can.

Here's how.

First of all, you need to figure out how much you want to 

receive for your lovely product. (Which you've worked very 

hard on, put love into, and ignored home and household for)

Next you need to factor in taxes, (you'll have to turn these in 

at the end of the year or you can turn them in as you sell 

throughout the year, if you have it set up that way with your 

local bank.)

Finally, and this is how you offer (FREE SHIPPING), (which 

everybody loves), you factor the cost of shipping in with the 

end costs.


Here's an example:

Desired product price: $20.00

Taxes at 10%: $2.00

Shipping and handling: Let's say $3.00

End Price: $25.00

You're able to offer FREE SHIPPING for your customer and 

free shipping cost for your business because you factored it 

into the end price.

You get the price you wanted for your item, plus the taxes 

you'll need to pay, plus shipping cost.

Your customer gets free shipping and a product they'll be 

proud to have, talk about, and share with others.

Everybody Wins!

That's what we, as hard working, dedicated, business owners 


If I as a consumer see something I really want, and I go 

to purchase it and the shipping cost are as much as the 

product I want or they're outrageous, you can say bye bye to 

me, even if I dearly love it.

On another shipping note, please don't use ugly overly over-


boxes to send your beautiful products in.

There's some really attractive mailing tools out there that 

won't break the bank.

How you ship your products is as important as anything else.

Remember: Sometimes to make money, you have to spend 


Kathy aka Catbaluue